The following tables shows which permissions DPR requires when connecting to your MIS (via the Wonde platform). A CSV version of these scopes can be found here.

A required scope is a permission that is required for DPR to function. It is not possible to opt out of these scopes.

123Classes readClasses name read
124Classes readClasses description read
125Classes readClasses subject read
374Classes readClasses code read
117Contacts details readContacts email read
91Contacts readContacts upi read
93Contacts readContacts title read
94Contacts readContacts initials read
95Contacts readContacts surname read
96Contacts readContacts forename read
97Contacts readContacts middle names read
98Contacts readContacts legal surname read
99Contacts readContacts legal forename read
378Contacts readContacts lives with pupil read
383Contacts readContacts parental responsibility read
384Contacts readContacts in touch communication read
385Contacts readContacts correspondence read
386Contacts readContacts priority read
387Contacts readContacts relationship read
210Contracts readContract start date content read
211Contracts readContract end date content read
212Contracts readContract employment type content read
439EmployeeEmployee former read
80Employee readEmployees upi read
82Employee readEmployees title read
83Employee readEmployees initials read
84Employee readEmployees surname read
85Employee readEmployees forename read
86Employee readEmployees middle names read
87Employee readEmployees legal surname read
88Employee readEmployees legal forename read
40Employees contact details readEmployees email read
108Employees employment details readEmployees teaching staff read
109Employees employment details readEmployees current read
110Employees employment details readEmployees teacher number read
111Employees employment details readEmployees staff code read
112Employees employment details readEmployees employment start date read
113Employees employment details readEmployees employment end date read
114Employees employment details readEmployees local authority start date read
156Groups readGroups name read
157Groups readGroups code read
158Groups readGroups type read
159Groups readGroups description read
160Groups readGroups notes read
161Lessons readLessons room read
162Lessons readLessons period read
163Lessons readLessons employee id read
164Lessons readLessons period instance id read
165Lessons readLessons start at read
166Lessons readLessons end at read
129Periods readPeriods start time read
130Periods readPeriods end time read
131Periods readPeriods name read
132Periods readPeriods day read
177Photo readPhotos content read
178Photo readPhotos person id read
180Photo readPhotos person type read
204Roles readRole content read
205Roles readRole code content read
206Roles readRole contract content read
207Roles readRole start date content read
208Roles readRole end date content read
119Rooms readRooms name read
120Rooms readRooms code read
323StudentStudents user defined fields read
36Students contact details readStudents telephone read
37Students contact details readStudents email read
38Students contact details readStudents address read
103Students education details readStudents current nc year read
104Students education details readStudents part time read
105Students education details readStudents admission date read
106Students education details readStudents leaving date read
62Students identifiers readStudents UPN read
63Students identifiers readStudents local UPN read
64Students identifiers readStudents former UPN read
65Students identifiers readStudents admission number read
338Students Pre-Admission contact details readStudents Pre-Admission telephone read
339Students Pre-Admission contact details readStudents Pre-Admission email read
340Students Pre-Admission contact details readStudents Pre-Admission address read
363Students Pre-Admission education details readStudents Pre-Admission leaving date read
364Students Pre-Admission education details readStudents Pre-Admission admission date read
365Students Pre-Admission education details readStudents Pre-Admission part time read
366Students Pre-Admission education details readStudents Pre-Admission current nc year read
351Students Pre-Admission identifiers readStudents Pre-Admission UPN read
352Students Pre-Admission identifiers readStudents Pre-Admission local UPN read
353Students Pre-Admission identifiers readStudents Pre-Admission former UPN read
354Students Pre-Admission identifiers readStudents Pre-Admission admission number read
326Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission upi read
328Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission title read
329Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission initials read
330Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission surname read
331Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission forename read
332Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission middle names read
333Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission legal surname read
334Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission legal forename read
335Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission gender read
336Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission date of birth read
473Students Pre-Admission readStudents Pre-Admission application status read
69Students readStudents upi read
72Students readStudents initials read
73Students readStudents surname read
74Students readStudents forename read
75Students readStudents middle names read
76Students readStudents legal surname read
77Students readStudents legal forename read
78Students readStudents gender read
79Students readStudents date of birth read
127Subject readSubjects name read
128Subject readSubjects code read