DPR is priced based on a schools cohort size, making it an affordable choice for all schools. For a quote specific to your school, reach out via our contact form

Curriculum (Base package)

Curriculum Builder

Create subjects and pathways to match your school’s curriculum

Create an unlimited number of key objectives for each pathway

Create judgement keys tailored to your school

Track custom grades between collections


Dedicated web app for parents

Access multiple children under one account

View attainment and homework data

Google/Microsoft Login Integration


Download a printable PDF student report at any time, perfect for parents evening

Access messages, assignments and resources in one place for every key objective

Use DPR Voice to provide a more personal touch to feedback

Email notifications for messages

Communicate with your whole class in real-time using DPR Class Chat


Download live reports for every aspect of DPR using Whole School Insights

Compare and analyse judgements for specific pathways, classes, year groups and pupil characteristics (gender, EAL etc.)

Dive deep into analytics and identify which students are struggling or excelling


Create custom intervention classes independent of the school timetable

Define custom groups of key objectives

Create personalised key-objectives for specific students, perfect for students with additional learning needs (e.g. EAL students)

Download and export PDF reports at anytime


Create an unlimited number of resources

Link resources to key objectives

Rate and share resources within your school

Re-use resources from other DPR schools

Easily find resources using powerful search features


Free online support with 24 hour response times

Online help guides for admins, students and teachers

Daily MIS Sync

Google/Microsoft Login integration

Regular database backups

Dedicated admin portal to manage DPR

Homework (Optional add-on)


Create, share and re-use homework

Leave voice, file or text feedback for students

Track which students have seen a homework

Receive email notifications for feedback messages

Explicitly link key objectives to homework

Homework Analytics

Analyse homework performance by class and students

Track, set and monitor expectations for homework using DPR Assignment Analytics

View attainment data side by side with homework data